Access Statement for The White Horse Inn


The White Horse Inn welcomes people with disabilities and has developed this Access Statement to address some of the more common issues that disabled people face.
This access statement is intended to provide additional information for all guests who wish to attend the hotel or use its facilities. Recognition has been given to include guests with an impairment, which could include: Mobility, Sight, Hearing, Learning Disabilities or any other hidden impairment.


We request that anyone wishing to make and enquiry or booking inform us of any special needs or disabilities that they may have in order for us to meet any personal requirements.
Clun may be reached from the A49 at Craven Arms, 9 miles along the B4368. From Bishop's Castle 5 miles along the A488, from Newtown, Powys and Welshpool along the B4368, and from Knighton, Powys along the A488.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

On arriving in Clun you will will find the White Horse Inn in the main town square opposite the Buffalo. The car parking for the inn is either in the public parking space directly to the front of the pub or on the roadside. There is no charge.
Due to shared usage and access requirements the yard to the rear of the pub is not to be used for parking. If you require help getting from your car please telephone the pub on 01588 640305 and our staff will endeavour to assist you. Please keep a note of this number as it is not displayed externally.
From the parking area there is a kerb leading to the pavement. The pavement is of large stone slab construction, and is generally even or though at slab joins it does alter level. Rear access to a vehicle is possible depending on how you park.
The roadside is lit by street lighting.
Dog bowls are situated to the front of the pub and in the rear corridor.

Main Entrance & Reception

There is a small step over the threshold into the pub, followed by a porch door immediately after this opening outwards.
The rear entrance to the pub is down a set of nine stairs with a door at either end.
As a music venue music cannot always be turned down on request.
A pad or pen is available at the bar.
Lighting throughout the bar is dim as would be expected in a character inn of this age.
The inn is occupied 24 hours a day, however the front door is often closed from 11.00pm until 11.00 am.
During which time access is normally through the rear door, if you require access at other times please contact the staff.
Counter height is approximately 105cm, however our staff are prepared to give table service or come to you if necessary.

Public Areas - General (Internal)

The main bar area is flat, however there is a small (7cm) ramp into the pool room and a step downwards (12cm) into the dining room.
There are 12 stairs to the first floor with a handrail to the right. Three further stairs lead up to the blue and purple rooms.

Public Areas – WC

The ladies toilet is reasonably spacious.
There is not provision for wheelchair users at the moment.
The gents toilet has two urinals and a cubical, there are no aids to assist mobility in the toilets.
Both toilets are reached by a series of double doors.

Dining Room

There is a step down to the dining room. Chairs may be moved or tables relocated to give access, egress may be made by opening the fire door to the dining room which leads directly onto the street, there is a small (1cm) threshold.
The menus are written in clear large type with most menu dishes being displayed on high contrast blackboards. If you require the menu to be read to you, our staff will happily help you.

Outdoor Facilities

The seating area to the rear of the pub is accessible to all, by using the road and coming into the rear entrance to the grounds. The garden is accessible by climbing three steps.


All bedrooms are on the first floor accessed by a staircase.
The fire alarm system is bells only.
TVs have teletext.
Free wifi access throughout the property enhances communications for all our guests.

Shower-room & WC [Ensuite]

All rooms have en-suite shower rooms, these are reasonably compact. The blue room has steps up to its shower room. There is also a large step to the shower in the red room. Again there are no adaptations to aid use of the shower rooms.

Contact Information

Address: The White Horse Inn, The Square, Clun, Shropshire, SY7 8JA
Telephone: 01588 640305
Grid reference: SO300808
Hours of operation: Midday to Midnight
Emergency number: 999
Local public transport numbers: 01588 640273
Local accessible taxi numbers: 01547 540420

Future Plans

  • It is planned that as funds come available that we will upgrade the area of our main toilets, including a disabled cucicle.
  • over 2012 we should fit a vibrating alarm for deaf peple in the red room.

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone 01588 640305 or email

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